The delivery of training workshops in Norway and elsewhere has received positive feedback and evaluations. Leaders and Managers from organisations have freely provided testimonials and endorse the training and support that is provided.

Ressurs Tromsø

Andreas Østenrød Administrerende direktør og Anita Helberg Leder Ressurs Offentlige tjenester


Ressurs Tromsø AS is a company with 80 employees. Our core business is to help people find new jobs and / or create a study plan for further education. In January 2020, we had the pleasure of having Mike Evans as a course leader for 2 days for our job supervisors in programme ‘Supported Employment 5 steps in the road to work’. We chose Mike as a course leader for us due to his expertise and many years of work to develop good methodology in job creation. We received very good information before the course and received good follow-up afterwards. Mike also contributes as a professional support in the further development of our method implementation in daily operations. We as an organisation, have also received valuable input on the preparation and implementation of the values in our daily work. We would recommend others to work with Mike, to better understand Supported Employment, but also to benefit from his long experience in helping people get jobs.

Follo Futura

Mette Veiby Administrerende Direktør


Follo Futura aims to be the best at work and inclusion and in this regard, it has been important to learn from the best in the field of work and inclusion. Follo Futura has worked with Mike Evans over many years. He has held Supported Employment courses for our HR advisors. In the courses, the company has been given tools and learned methods to communicate with candidates for work. I myself have participated in the courses and will particularly highlight Evans's emphasis on creating relationships with the employer and how we can give the employer an added value by recruiting from Follo Futura. Evans has good expertise in the field and part of his experience as a natural part of the professional programme.

Follo Futura

Tone Martinsen Faglig Leder


Through the courses we get practical training from Mike Evans on how to connect and create relationships with employers in order to achieve successful work practices. The dialogue with the employer about the participant has been particularly important, Evans has taught us how to present the candidates' competence, development potential and the need for follow-up of career skills in a discreet and honest way. Mike Evans is good at getting job coaches to reflect and challenge us on our approach. Follo Futura had a 65% provision to work and education in 2020. Although the course takes place in English, this has not been an obstacle for our supervisors. Having to deal with something you are not used to has been a great challenge in that the course takes place in English. We have also had to stretch and work outside the comfort zone in the same way that many of our participants may experience exiting their comfort zone by coming into measures and programmes.

Fossheim AS

Helene Grjotheim Hareide Daglig leder


For several years I have had a good collaboration with Mike Evans where he has provided training in the SE methodology for my employees. Mike is very responsive to the needs of the company and adapts his training to the level and wishes of employees. Through Mike's course days, he makes the methodology available and disseminates it, so that it appears both manageable and applicable to the organisation. Mike is curious about the company he visits and constantly invites reflections and input from the group. Through dialogue and examples from the supervisors' everyday work, he puts the supervisor's challenges into a methodological context. In this way, enthusiasm is created in the group.
I give Mike Evans my best recommendations!

Stavne Trondheim KF

Hrønn Thorisdottir Daglig leder


Stavne Trondheim KF has had good and important support from Mike Evans in building and developing an organisation that relies on the use of Supported Employment as a working methodology. Mike Evans has had teaching, mentoring and follow-up of both job supervisors and management at Stavne. Evans has shown great willingness to share his expertise in the field and has contributed significant suggestions and ideas for the development of the different levels of the organisation. In addition, he has always benevolently lined up for us between the formal agreements for guidance and discussion along the way. Mike Evans is a very committed mediator with good knowledge of Norwegian conditions and the language has not been an obstacle. Stavne has benefited greatly from Mike Evans' training in SE and organizational development.

Guernsey Employment Trust

Stephen Jones OBE Chairman


Mike Evans was entirely responsible for setting up the Guernsey Employment Trust (GET) five years ago. What he achieved was a fundamental transformation of a not fit for purpose government operation to a highly successful, independently run, supportive employment service. He informed politicians and civil servants what was needed to be done, trained staff and educated employers. His expert advice, based on his considerable experience in supported employment, was accepted by the authorities in Guernsey and he acted as the Chief Executive of the new entity for the first two years to ensure that the methodology and culture set out by him was adopted. He produced an extensive Good Practice Guide for Employers in Guernsey which sits alongside an Employers’ Disability Charter. That guidance to employers, as well as practical seminars, has meant that over 50 leading employers have signed up to the Charter including the Guernsey government itself. GET has transformed the opportunities for employment for those who were previous struggling and needed support. It is those individuals, hundreds of them now, who should be most grateful for the outstanding work done by Mike. They are now in employment and would not have been without GET being set up by Mike with his vison and expertise.


Tora Hafslund Fagansvarlig


Michael (Mike) Evans is responsible for our internal training in Supported Employment, and has completed several courses in our company. He is perceived as an inspiring and skilled lecturer. He is particularly good at focusing on the practical aspects of Supported Employment, and how the method is best used to increase dissemination. Michael Evans has been a consultant in the preparation of offers to NAV. His expertise on both the organisation and professional content of Supported Employment has been an important and useful contribution in our tender processes.

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