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Welcome to, the website developed by Michael J. Evans, an experienced Leader and Practitioner who is keen to help develop employment services and staff to ensure that your organisation delivers positive job results in an efficient and effective manner.

Providing short training courses to improve Supported Employment services


How can we help...


We can discuss how to plan your services that can relate to the strengths, structure, location of your organisation as well as meeting the needs of your funding provider. We can help you reflect on what works for you and importantly, what is not working for you and discuss potential ideas and solutions that may lead to more effective Supported Employment services.


Using the general Supported Employment Model and process, we can discuss how to organise services and activities in a practical way for maximum effect. We can explore the key operational services that need to be delivered, organised and planned to ensure you have the best possible chance of success and job outcomes.

Supporting Employers

Never forget that employers are customers too. Employers often need to be supported and made to feel confident to employ a person from disadvantage or disability. We can look at a range of activities, services and ideas that could develop strong, professional relationships with employers.

Job Finding and Marketing

We can provide a range of formal and informal methods to assist your organisation secure work opportunities for your participants. We have a wide range of practical knowledge and experience that has resulted in the securing of many hundreds of successful paid job outcomes.

Training & Consultancy

We can provide a range of training events and short courses. They can be delivered as individual courses or delivered as combinations.


We have a range of publications that are both informative and practical and may be useful in developing Supported Employment services.

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